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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Clarry & Elizabeth's Tango Bundle Workshop

The first workshop of Clarry & Elizabeth's Tango Bundle Workshop started last week with 'Volcadas'. In this workshop we explored the importance of the axis, balance and weight distribution . Too often the volcada us perceived as a collapsing of the follower's weight when in the lean. This could not be further from the truth....Obviously that would cause all the weight of the follower to be supported by the leader. The fact is that the weight is pushed up rather than down. Once we established that we worked on variations, such as the reverse volcada. A very elegant move that can be used very effectively in close embrace.

Next week it is going to be very exciting working on colgadas in close embrace.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter Weekend - March 29, 2013

Looks like we will have good weather this Easter weekend starting with Good Friday March 29th with Argentine tango on Commercial Drive in Vancouver Canada at Tango a Media Luz.

As fundamental as it may seem, following is given the least amount of attention and priority in Argentine tango. Most followers are keen to know what the steps are and when they should perform them.

A good follower, one who knows and can execute the basic 5 keys to following, can dance with any leader whose lead is clear. They do not need to know a multitude of steps and movements. Of course ... The lead has to be clear.

I have danced with some of the best tango dancers in the world and the common thread with them all is waiting for the lead.

Leaders need to be clear in their lead. If they have to verbalise the lead, ie.. tell their partner what they want them to do ...  Then that .. is NOT leading ..They should work on it until their body gives the information.

Come on out to our lesson .. every Friday on Commercial ...      and see what it is all about ...

Monday, March 11, 2013

Lesson before the Milonga

I have found that at my milonga, there are many advantages in having a lesson before the start of the milonga.

The obvious is of course for a beginner who has never danced tango before. Here they can get their first experience and rudimentary lesson in finding what tango is all about. The fact that it is danced in a line of dance in a counter clockwise rondo. It is on a  drop-in basis and partners are not needed. At my milonga we have been fortunate enough to have an even ratio of followers and leaders. Although there will certainly be times where that doesn't hold true. However, partners are routinely rotated, so that everyone has a partner.

I will expand on this more in the coming weeks ...  But in the meantime, At what ever level you may be, try it out.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Vancouver Tango March 2103

 The Vancouver tango scene has been very busy lately. Our community seems to have grown.  Tango a Media Luz and the other milongas have been very well attended.

This last year has been a busy one. Our annual tango festival Vantangofest had it's final days in 2012. We had a spectacular turn out from all over Canada and within our own community. Our guest instructors & performers Aurora Lubiz & Luciano Bastos, Milena Plebs, Patricia Hilliges & Matteo Panero, Carolina del Rivero & Donato Juarez, Maria Ines Bogado & Sebastian Jimenez were absolutely superb.

Elizabeth Hudgins (Urban Beat Dance Co) and I have had a series of tango workshops and tango classes in Vancouver and in Nelson B.C. which were extremely well received and a lot of fun.

April 26 -28, 2013 we will be giving more workshops and tango lessons in Nelson. Clarry & Elizabeth Workshops. Thanks to Heather & Beth of Soul Tango for inviting us back.

If you would like to listen to some Argentine tango music you can do so here ... Argentine Tango Music ... where you will find Tango ... Milonga ... and Vals music.... enjoy ...

Our last series of Milonga workshops were very successful. In fact we had to turn away a few people because we limited the registration to 15 couples which is perfect for my studio, We started our Vals workshop on March 2nd, 2013 and it is equally as well attended. If you would like information on our upcoming workshops please contact me ... clarry@tangomedialuz.com.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

April Milonga Workshops

Elizabeth of Urban Beat Dance and I would like to invite you to participate in our upcoming intermediate level Milonga series of workshops . This popular series with carry on from our previous Milonga sereis of workshops where we went from mionga lisa to milonga traspie.

The series what a lot of fun and we had very positive feedback . Please join us ....

(778) 999 4280

Vancouver tango a media luz ... www.tangomedialuz.com

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Vancouver Tango Festival

Vancouver tango has never been this good ...

Vantangofest is only a couple of months away. Early bird pricing is already available until March 20th.

It will be a fantastic event this year at our Vancouver Tango Festival, with a spectacular line up of artists giving Argentine tango lesson and workshops and then the Grand Ball ... with the amazing perfomances of these masters.


Please join us and be part of this celebration.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year ... to all .... Here's hoping for a better year for the world ....

Our Vancouver tango year looks great ....I hope that Tango a Media Luz will continue as a staple for the Friday milonga of choice ... It is a great place to relax at the end of the week.... We will continue our lessons before the milonga ... from 8:30 - 9:30 .... followed by the milonga ..... every Friday.

Vantangofest 2012 .... http://www.vantangofest.com/ Our Vancouver tango festival 2012 is going to be spectacular this year. Our Argentine tango masters will be Milena Plebs, Aurora Lubiz & Luciano Bastos, Carolina del Rivero & Donato Juarez, Matteo Panero & Patricia Hilliges and Sebastian Jimenez & Maria Ines Bogado .... What a line up !!!!

We also have a magnificent line up of DJ's .... Dan Boccia .. Mike McCarrel .... Anton Sukhanov ...

The dates for Vantangofest 2012 are May 17 - 21st .... Please pencil it in for your tango plans ...

We look forward to seeing you on the dance floor ... and in the milongas ......

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Successful Milonga Workshop

Thanks to all who attended our milonga workshop .... It was a very successful series for us ... We hope it was as successful for you ...

We covered a lot of material but you all seemed to manage it very well ...

Please keep an eye out for our further workshops ....

Elizabeth & Clarry ....

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Morgan's Crossing Tango ... with Elizabeth and Clarry ...

Elizabeth of Urban Beat Dance and I were asked to take part in a promotional video for Morgan's Crossing in Surrey.... It is a great shopping area with a lot of ambiance ... you can see it here ...

It was made by one of our local filmmakers Diego Puertas ... I think it turned out well ... and it was fun ..

We have our milonga workshop coming up Oct 23 - Nov 13 ..... It should be a lot of fun ... we are about half full right now with room for 8 more couples ... If you are interested please check it out here ...... http://www.tangomedialuz.com/ ...

Clarry ...

Monday, September 19, 2011

4 week Milonga workshop Oct 23 – Nov 13, 2011

Elizabeth of Urban Beat Dance Co. and I are excited and very pleased to offer this 4 week series in Milonga.

• Registry and payment in full in advance - $85.00 Cash / Visa / Debit
• Space will limited to 15 couples, so please register early to avoid disappointment
• No Drop-ins
• No refunds
• Partners recommended, however please contact me if you want to register but do not have a partner.
• Partners will be rotated frequently.
• 4 Sundays Oct 23-Nov 13 inclusive
• 7-9pm (1.5 hr instruction; 1/2 hr. practica)
• 2155 Commercial Drive (Tango a Media Luz studio)
• Prerequisite – No previous experience in milonga required, however you need to be able to dance ochos, cross, and Molinete (giro) in tango.
• We will be balancing the classes (leader / follower ratio) so we ask that all registrants please be able to attend all 4 classes
Our goal is to open the door to this very enjoyable, fun dance to those who are not familiar with it, and also to polish the skills of those who have taken this workshop before.
Content ....
• Milonga Lisa
• Milonga Traspie
• Working with the embrace
• Musicality
• Using the milonga on the dance floor
• Selected figures to use in social dancing
Be one of the few who understand and can dance this mischievously delightful member of the Argentine tango family and be able to use it confidently on the social dance floor.
This very popular workshop is limited to 15 couples so please register soon in order to avoid disappointment.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Neighbour at the Venice Film Festival

The movie 'The Neighbour' by director Naghmeh Shirkhan..with our Vancouver tangueros is being shown in the Venice Film Festival ..... Wow ....


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ezequiel Farfaro & Cecilia Vicencio

Vantangofest 2011 finished on Monday May 30 after a very successful four days of Argentine tango..

We had a spectacular lesson last Friday at Tango a Media Luz ...given by Ezequiel Farfaro & Cecilia Vicencio ... over 64 for the class alone ....the rest of the evening had just as much energy as we kept on until the early hours of the morn....

Saturday, March 19, 2011

La Baldosa - Tribute to 'La Negra' Margarita Guille

On Friday night we went with Aurora Lubiz to La Baldosa.
It was a very special night for Aurora because they were paying tribute to on e of the tango greats ... 'La Negra' ... Margarita Guille ... one of Aurora's mentors ...

shown here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzbZ3USvQ3A dancing 'El Flete"with Hugo Daniel in May of 2009.......

'La Negra' played a large part in teaching many of the well known tangueras today. Many turned out for this tremendous evening.

Some of whom I saw were .... Carlos Copes ... Milena Plebs ...
. .... Javier Rodriguez .. Alejandra Mantinan .. to name a few ..

Visting Mariana Dragone, Cecilia Vicencio, Ezequiel Farfaro

On Thursday we went to La Maleva to see Mariana Dragone... Cecilia Vicencio and Ezequiel Farfaro ....and of course Biagi ... Mariana's cat .... who just loves being in the midst of everything ....

La Maleva is Mariana's new studio and guest house ... www.lamaleva.com/indexi.htm It is a wonderful building with tonnes of character inside. I would recommend it to any tanguero looking for accommodation in BsAs.

It was a very pleasant afternoon spent on the terrace chatting about our upcoming Vancouver tango festival in May...... Vantangofest 2011 ...

Later we took a great class in her studio with Claudio Gonzalez and Karina Colmeiro.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Vantangofest Early Bird Registration

March 15th will be the last day for you to take advantage of the early bird pricing for the Gold and Silver pass for our vancouver tango festival in May 26 - 30 ............... VANTANGOFEST ...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Second screening of "The Neighbour"

On Saturday March 5th there will be another screening of "The Neighbour" by Director Naghmeh Shirkan ... Starring Azita Sahebjam.

The film was shot in Vancouver and includes scenes shot in my studio .... Tango a Media Luz .... with tangueros form our Vancouver tango community. It is a lot of fun seeing ourselves on the big screen when it premiered inVancouver last October ... The Vancouver tango community came out in force to celebrate this event.

Thanks to Naghmeh ... Amir .... Maryam ... Azita .. and everyone connected to this film for giving us .. the Vancouver tango community .. an opportunity to participate ....

Friday, February 4, 2011

Back in Vancouver

Calgary was coooold... but a lot of fun ...

We had a great time with the tango community there.... we look forward to returning next year ... Thanks Patricia and Charles ... Club Tango Argentino ... and of course .. the Calgary tango community ...

Next big project is the Vancouver tango festival, Vantangofest 2011 which runs from May 26 - 30.....Great artists .. such Ezequiel Farfaro & Cecilia Vicencio, Matias Facio & Claudia Rowgowski, Aurora Lubiz & Luciano Bastos, Mariana Dragone, Nick Jones & Diana Cruz ....

Our DJ line up is also very impressive ... Mike McCarrel, Nick Jones, Jessie Chung, Jeanne Castle .. and Meng Wang ...

Pencil it in ... Vantangofest May 26 - 30 ...


Monday, November 8, 2010

November is here already !!!!

Wow .... We are in November already ... Summer went by  ... as usual so quickly ...

Our Milonga Workshop went extremely well ... It was a full class ... In fact we had to turn back a few ... They will be first on the list for our next one.

Preparations are under way for the Vancouver Tango Festival...... Vantangofest 2011, May 26-30.

We will be back in the same venue, the Croatian Cultural Centre. It is a great spot for us. The artists we have arranged this year are true masters of Argentine Tango. It will be fantastic.

Our  DJ's are also very well known and will keep you dancing all night and into the wee hours of the morn.

More information can be found here http://www.vantangofest.com/ ...

Tango a Media Luz  is on every Friday night, and is still as popular as ever even though many local tangueros are out of town ...visiting Buenos Aires.

Unfortunately one tanguera who was visiting there had her backpack, with all her important stuff, stolen from under her table at a cafe. Major bummer .... I talked with her briefly on FB and she is not going to let it spoil her trip ... Great attitude ..

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Friday Sept 24th Milonga

Our one hour tango class starts at 8:30pm for beginner / intermediate, and our milonga starts at 9:30pm and gies until 1:30am ..

This week our DJ is Gravito ... So with Lucio's music and the Tango a Media Luz team ... You can be assured of a great evening of Argentine Tango in Vancouver ...

Milonga Workshops Sept 2010

We have just started our workshops in Milonga. What a great repsons we always have.

There are a lot of students that have been at the last two wokshops as well as a lot of newer ones ... They are all workind very hard ... and looking great out there ...

I have had to turn away quite a few couples ... with the proimise of putting them first on the list next time ....

Keep up the good work  everyone ......

The Neighbour

Many Tangueros/as from our Vancouver tango community participated a film called " The Neighbour " which has already won awards in the LA and Montreal fil festivals and will be premiering at the Vancouver International Film Festival on October 3rd, 2010.

Shot on location in Vancouver
Writer/ director  Naghmeh Shirkhan
Produced by the award winning director Amir Naderi ...
Azita Sahebjam
Tara Nazemi
Parisa Wahedi

And our tango community with Mehrdad Farbood

The Neighbour

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Friday August 20th

Tango a Media Luz Milonga this Friday at 2155 Commercial Drive. Vancouver.

We have a tango class from 8:30pm - 9:30pm followed by a Milonga from 9:30pm - 1:30am

Tango Lessons .... Argentine tango music .... complimentary snacks and beverages ...

Please see http://tangomedialuz.com/ for more information

You can also listen to some tango music ... Select from 200 tango songs from the drop down menu or press the 'loop' button for continuous play.

Click here for Tango Music ...... http://tangomedialuz.com/musicplayer.htm

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Chez Michel Dinner and Dance

We had a great dinner and dance last night at Chez Michel's in North Van. About 55 tangueros and tangueras turned up. The food and dinner music was great. After some socializing at dinner we moved the chairs back and danced to DJ Eric's wonderful selection until midnight

Unfortunately we had the inevitable gate crashers . What is it that these individuals don't understand? I find it particularly ignorant. They are usually the same people all the time.

We need to support our tango community. You know who you are and so do we.......... Please do the right thing.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Vancouver Classes and Milonga in Argentine Tango

TANGO A MEDIA LUZ' is located in the heart of Vancouver's funky Commercial Drive district. Accessible by car, bus or skytrain.

With it's many fine restaurants and coffee houses 'THE DRIVE' as it is known, is the centre for many multicultural activities.

We have a beautiful 3200 square foot facility. Our lounge area includes comfy sofas and chairs so that exhausted tangueros can sip on a mate, have a snack, engage in conversation or simply just listen to the tango music and watch the dancers on our new solid maple hardwood floor.

Whatever your style or preference of Argentine Tango, everyone is welcome. As long we can all dance with courtesy and respect for our fellow Tangueros.

Please join us at this event every Friday for a relaxed social evening of Argentine Tango in Vancouver.


We also host the Annual VANTANGOFEST. Vancouver's Tango Festival 2011

Please see our very successful VANTANGOFEST 2010